What Our Student Say

“I wish the Kiddzoom teachers were at my school as well, so all my friends could also understand how easy Math can be. I like the way, the teachers let us discover a
logic behind a problem. Math is so much fun now!”

Sheetal Sharma

Class VIII

“Teachers at Kiddzoom are amazing. I enjoy solving the test papers a lot these days, which was otherwise not less than a nightmare. I am planning to join sessions for
other subjects as well!”

Shambhavi Parihar

Class IX

“I love the Math class. The concepts are taught in an extremely easy language. The teacher breaks the difficult theories into different parts,which makes it easy to
learn them.”

Stuti Gupta

Class VII

“Tutors at Kiddzoom are very nice and make sure you understand the concept really well.They are approachable and they clear all the doubts, however times you ask them.”

Aradhaya Mishra

Class V

“I have been enjoying my classes these days.My favourites are the storytelling sessions in the English literature classes.”

Paawani Gupta

Class VII

“Tutors at Kiddzoom are superb. I love the science sessions with small pop quizzes to help us with all the scientific names.”

Atharv Srivastava

Class IV

“I enjoy the Science class a lot. The interactive videos and presentations are my favourite. I love to learn through visua l mediums, and the presentations by teachers really help me learn the chapter even better. They make the presentations very well organized and attractive.”

Neha Sen

Class IX

“I attend sessions of all the subjects, and each of them are fantastic. Every concept settles well in my head which is just briefly explained at school.As I also prepare for my boards, the teachers offer my batch with additional doubt solving hours.The practice papers also give us an idea on how the final examination will look like.”

Sameeksha Sahoo

Class X

“I feel very comfortable in asking my doubts now.”

Suravi Garg

Class IV

“I have been studying at Kiddzoom for a while now. It has pooled in the Industry’s best hands from the fields of Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology with an astounding
knowledge base. The concepts, illustrations and overall explanation are very detailed. The teachers have helped me nail the basics to perfection and I have a strong sense
of accomplishment at the end of the day.”

Ritik Parab

Class X