What are the benefits of taking tuition classes online?
Today’s workforce is moving online. Online classes at Kiddzoom use learning management systems to deliver course content, allowing students to submit assignments and communicate with peers and professors. Although online courses maintain the same academic requirements, learners may feel less challenged.
Apart from being extremely convenient, learning on a virtual platform is safe, keeping you away from unnecessary travel within your city.
What is the registration process at Kiddzoom?
To register for a free demo class at kiddzoom, please fill up a form available on our website. Once the details are attached in the form, our team will get in touch with you to fix a date and time according to your preference for the demo class. Followed by which you can register with us by making a monthly payment and other requirements once you are satisfied with the demo class.
What is the procedure of payment at Kiddzoom?
Making a payment at Kiddzoom for your preferred sessions is on a monthly basis. A transaction is generally expected by the 10th of every month, exceeding to which a late fee fine of Rs. 50 will be charged. Furthermore, if a student’s fee remains unpaid until 20th of the month then the registration will stand cancelled.
Will Kiddzoom help my child prepare for the Board examination separately?
Apart from scaling the entire syllabus, Kiddzoom aims at focusing on the most important aspect being examination and especially when the student is gearing up for the Board Examination. With additional learning hours, sample practice papers and revision sessions, our tutors believe in polishing the child’s skills sets required to excel in the examination.
What are the technical requirements to study at Kiddzoom?
Some basic requirements for students to learn at Kiddzoom include, a stable internet connection and preferably a Google account, since the online classes will be conducted through Google Meets.
Will Kiddzoom provide study material?
Being a part of a smarter generation, we aim at being more user friendly. A child’s companion towards better learning, study material is an essential element. From Kiddzoom, you can get quality study materials designed efficiently by our expert teachers in the form of PDF files from our team.
What are the acceptable payment methods?
You can make the payment through online gateway or can transfer the funds directly to the account no. mentioned on the website as well.
Will Kiddzoom only cover syllabus prescribed by NCERT?
As of now we are adhering to the syllabus prescribed by NCERT. While learning is not limited to just textbooks, we ensure our students do not miss out on any important lessons. We will soon be launching Phase 2, to help cater students from ICSE and State boards as well.
What is the duration of a class?
Curating a well-designed online course that delivers the learning outcomes it promises, we at Kiddzoom offer a class ranging from 40 to 50 minutes for a subject.
Can I record the online lectures?
Recording an online lecture is a limitation at Kiddzoom and is against our policy. To ensure that the student is satisfied with the sessions and has something to take back home as a part of revision, our team will be sharing a well-designed study material kit with the students for the same.
Will kiddzoom help my child prepare for competitive exams?
As we aim at availing our students with a spectrum of knowledge, we ensure to provide the child with the required preparation for competitive exams as well. While our current system does not deliver a separate column for preparation of competitive examination, but we welcome customised special sessions over requests by parents/students.
What are the key features of Kiddzoom?
While online learning platforms are stealing the spotlight today, Kiddzoom looks forward to carve its niche amongst the leaders in the field. Some of the key features of Kiddzoom include, learning from the best educators at affordable prices, special focus on the student’s personality development, formation of a study routine, keeping a constant track of the student’s overall growth with parents in kept in loop and more.
How can we contact the tutor at Kiddzoom other than the classes?
Bridging the gap between tutors and students, email address of the respective tutor will be provided to guardians/parents to contact the experts directly and find answers to their queries.
I need tutoring in a subject that is not listed at Kiddzoom. What should I do?
If you are looking for a specific subject or course which is not listed at the Kiddzoom website, then please feel free to contact us at info@kiddzoom.com or dial
91 85958 66354.
What is a free demo class and how do I register for a demo class?
Your child can attend a free demo class by our top experts to experience a session at Kiddzoom. This is a great way to get a sneak-peak into the world of learning at Kiddzoom. You can register for a demo class by filling up a form available on the website.
How many classes will be there in a week?
An ideal schedule at Kiddzoom has minimum 3 to maximum 5 classes in a week.
Can we choose the timing of the classes?
The schedule of sessions at Kiddzoom is flexible and well designed to cater to the student’s needs. With 4 batches running in a day, a child can opt for any according to his/her preference.
Will the tutors also help with school homework?
Welcoming doubts by the students, after every session at Kiddzoom, the tutors will assist the student with the school homework as well.
Can my child choose the teacher who he/she wants to learn from?
Kiddzoom will help your child learn all concepts from the best teachers in the country. They will also be assigned a teacher during each online class, who will help them understand concepts and clear doubts immediately. Additionally, profiles of all the teachers are mentioned on our website to ensure that your child is being tutored by the best professionals.
How can I track my child’s progress?
A Comprehensive Progress report is provided by Kiddzoom team, which will help the parents/ guardians track the student’s progress.