Product Description

As the student steps into the 12th grade at school, with selected streams, preparation for the Board and competitive exams run parallelly. Strengthening the concepts and fundamental lessons, Kiddzoom helps with a better learning experience.

  • The course is designed to cover all important concepts and lessons such as, ‘Relations and Functions’, ‘Algebra’, ‘Calculus’, ‘Probability’ etc.
  • Strictly adheres to the syllabus prescribed by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
  • Personalized and engaging sessions.
  • Diagrammatic presentations to make the concepts understand better.
  • Regular practice and assessment sessions.
  • Regular practice papers.
  • Test papers designed as per the format of various important competitive exams.
  • Well-organized sessions with experts of the subject.
  • Get all your doubts answered with additional sessions.