Product Description

The subject Science for Class 9th introduces the student with some important aspects, which at times can be difficult for them to understand with ease. At Kiddzoom we make sure the child keeps up with all the lessons prescribed in the syllabus and is able to enjoy learning them.

  • The course introduces the students to important chapters such as, ‘Motion’, ‘Work and Energy’, ‘Sound’, ‘Why do we fall ill’, ‘Matter in our Surroundings’ etc.
  • Strictly adheres to the syllabus prescribed by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
  • Visual presentations to understand the concepts better.
  • Regular practice and assessment sessions.
  • Regular doubt solving sessions.
  • Well-organized sessions with experts of the subject.
  • Personalized class and Interactive learning process.
  • Detailed classes for each topic.