What Our Parents Say

“Our son Rishi has joined the Math and Science Sessions
for Class IX at Kiddzoom. Being a tough year at school, with changing subjects, I can see the reduced fear of examination within my child ever since he has joined Kiddzoom. He is always seen excited for the upcoming sessions and has now started enjoying his subjects. This makes us feel
satisfied and happy for making the right choice.”

Mrs Pragya Srivastava,


“My daughter has had the most amazing time at Kiddzoom
so far. Enjoying her English lessons specially, she waits for
the next class. With regular practice sessions and Parent Teacher Meets, even we as parents are kept in loop of the child’s development and state in the classes. We are content with the results, and are planning to enroll our child for other subjects at Kiddzoom as well.”

Mr. Gaurav Gupta


“Wonderful experience. I thank team Kiddzoom for offering my child immense guidance and support.”

Mr. Shashank Mishra


“Amazing website! We found a great tutor for our daughter at Kiddzoom. She likes studying with the tutor.”

Mr. Lalit Tyagi

Web Designer

“I was initially very sceptical to take online classes for my son, but now, I’m very happy that I made this decision. Thank you Kiddzoom for improving his communication skills.”

Mr. Pradip Singh


“Excellent teacher and amazing method of teaching. I
wish we had the same during our school days. I hope my child grows his love for studies and doesn’t seem to struggle with it. ”

Mrs. Arpana Mishra


“Growing up with a phobia of Math, I would dread to see my child going through the same. I am so happy that the tutors at Kiddzoom, are offering a great platform for learning. I can see my son eagerly waiting for the Math sessions and his enthusiasm to learn the subject. Thank you !”

Mr. Prasan Anand


“I have seen my son going from hating Science to absolutely loving it. His marks have improved so much from last year. Even his teachers were surprised seeing the radical shift. He looks forward to attend science sessions!”

Mrs. Akanksha Sood Singh


“My son Ashwin is in Class VII and just like many others
used to hate the subject Math. Upon a suggestion from a
family friend we got our child, enrolled to Kiddzoom, and
the changes are clearly visible. With help of the visual
presentations and personalized classes Ashwin loves his Math
class now. Without skipping a single session, he no more
needs an extra reminder from me to finish his homework.
This makes us very happy.”

Mr. and Mrs. Singh

“I am extremely pleased and thankful to these online sessions by Kiddzoom. I always wanted a platform for my child which could offer her with personalized and concentrated sessions, where she also felt confident enough to express her thoughts and doubts. As a parent I have observed that the teachers at kiddzoom are concerned towards each and every student’s overall growth and encourage them to communicate their ideas and questions. My daughter Ananya is absolutely enjoying the Social Science class which she often mentions to me at the end
of each session.”

Mrs. Shalu Gupta